Sacred Heart Church 101

The New Year brings our church into a second century in Sioux Lookout. This year the emphasis is on the Year of Faith, knowing and witnessing to the Faith of the Church.

Bob Durante made a new hall door entrance with representations of our Faith in the stonework. It includes the 40 Days in the Desert,  12 Apostles,  10 Commandments, 8 Beatitudes, 7 Sacraments, 5 Mysteries, 4 Gospels, and 1 Cross.


Waking up to the Presence of God in our world

Another talk during our retreat with Bishop Crosby had the theme of our time of renewal as an opportunity to wake up to the presence of God in our lives / world.  God who is actively working in the world can be unperceived by our constant busyness, drowsy spirituality, clutter of things and activity, and simply, the noise of the world. So quiet time is a time to renew our relationship and our listening to God who is always present. Of course to be spiritually awakened is to become active in another type of activity. As St. Theresa of Avila famously said, Christ has no hands but our hands. The Bishop told a story of Mother Theresa who, when asked by a priest how she would summarize her work, the sheer volume of which was staggering with missionaries and missions throughout the world, hospitals and hospices, care homes and orphanages… She took the priests hand and laying it palm up on the table pressed each finger as she slowly said each word; YOU DID IT TO ME.